Speed Training Spin Playlist

7 06 2011

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m going to share with you one of my spin workouts that has become an Austin 24-hour favorite!   

I do everything in levels:

1- 0 resistance

2- a little bit of road, but still feel like peddles have control over feet

3- Flatground

4- still able to move feet at a good pace (do a lot of sprints here) but start to get a burn in quads

5- burn deepens in quads, can still move at a decent pace (cruise intervals here, and sprints)

6- starting to climb up the hill, legs slow down

7- feels like you are peddling through sand

8- feels like you are peddling through mud

9- feels like you are peddling through quicksand

10- complete max, won’t be able to peddle at all (never reach this in class)

1 song- Warm up (seated hill climb, reach level 6.5)

2 song- Warm-up cont. (standing positions, going from regular standing to hover) hill climb to level 8

3 song- Seated bursts (seated sprints at level 4.5-5…hips bouncing? add road) 4 sets of 30 second sprints with 20 sec rest in between

4 song- 5 sets of 15 sec ISO sprints (isolate upper body, only legs moving/sprinting) at level 4.5/5

5-song- 4 sets of 20 second sprints (regular, rest 20 seconds) at level 4.5/5

6-song- 3 sets of 30 second sprints (rest 30 seconds in between) at level 4.5/5

7-song- 3 sets of Jumps ( about 8/9 jumps each set) add road after each set of jumps (start at level 5), then if extra time add road for a mini hill climb

8-song- Cruise interval (2 sets of 1 minute intervals at level 5) RPM between 101-105 (if resistance is easy add road)

9-Song- Rest and recover (resistance no higher than level 5.5

10-song- Hill climb seated to level 6, stand 2 sets of 10 second sprints at level 6, continue with hill climb all the way to level 9.5 (going between standing and hover), sit at level 9.5 don’t put hands on handle bars and focus on sitting tall, engaging lower abs to help balance while legs do all the work to push the pedals

11-song- sprint down hill climb for 20 seconds, then use the momentum from sprint and jump right back up to level 6, stand and go right into BIG hill climb #2. Go between, standing to hover to seated while working your way up to level 9.5 (will be here for 30 seconds) then at end of song sprint all the way down the hill (resistance at level 3.5/4 so its controlled) for 20 seconds then rest for 20 seconds

12-song- Cruise INterval #2 (same as the first cruise interval except at resistance of 5.5)

13-song- seated hill climb sprints (start at level 5, sprint when chorus starts-end) then stand, go to level 6 (when chorus starts sit down and sprint-end of chorus) stand, go to level 7 (after bridge sit and sprint till end of song….its a Loooooong one)

14-song- Hill climb, reach level 9, sit down and no hands

15-song- 3 seated bursts, 30 sec on 20 sec off at level 4.5/5

16-song- recover/stretch

**If you try this let me know what you think!**

Have a wonderful day!





4 responses

7 06 2011
Heather @ Heather's Dish

Um where’s my CD? 😉

7 06 2011

That sounds intense!!! I think it’s something that would keep me entertained so I wouldn’t get bored! 🙂

7 06 2011
Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

So do you just have all that memorized? I’m so impressed!

8 06 2011

i love me a good spin class! i took a fabulous and sweaty one this morning! but your playlist/class suonds prettttty epic 🙂 come to long island and teaach haha

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