What I’ve Been Up To

26 06 2011

Happy Sunday Evening!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  I just want to say good luck to the Cotter Crew this weekend at the Half Ironman in Lubbock (my old stomping grounds)!

Last weekend, my buddy/future roomie, David flew out to CA for a wedding so I dog sat for him and here are a few pics of Vita and I :-p

She’s a little crazy, but I love her….one of the sweetest dogs!

Brandon also took me out to a nice dinner, so I got all dressed up for it!  Here are a few shots of my fit:

I kept my make-up simple b/c I really don’t like wearing makeup lol

mascara, a little bronzer and blush, + tinted lip gloss goes a long way!

I’ve been super busy lately with the It’s Time School Summit for the non-profit, which was a HUGE success!  We were able to bring together 500+ Coordinated School health Champions from all over the state of Texas to attend various seminars to help with implementing coordinated health into the schools!  I am so proud of all the hard work everyone at ACTIVE Life, PE3, TEA, and other groups to bring together a successful Summit!

I didn’t sleep for about a week and a half because I was bogged down with helping get everything ready for the summit, personal training, teaching group exercise, and then more stuff for the summit.  When everything was over on Tuesday, I was training all day everyday Wednesday and Thursday, then got Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

Friday I taught bootcamp then trained a client at 10am and went to get a Pressure Point Massage by Nathan Kennett.  It was everything that I needed!  After working so many hours, and training so hard my body was a big ball of knots!  Immediately after my massage I felt 1,000 times better!

I then packed for my trip to San Antonio with Brandon, taught spin, and headed out!

When we got to San Antonio we just hung out and relaxed that night, Saturday morning we walked the river walk, had breakfast at Zuni Grill where I had the vegetable omelet with Cilantro pesto, fresh fruit and 2 corn tortillas.  Ya’ll, this cilantro pesto was amazing!  I loved the atmosphere of this place and the food!  Brandon ordered one kids cinnamon buttermilk pancake, eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and flour tortillas (had a manly man meal lol).

We then walked around the riverwalk mall and stopped to listen to some music in the courtyard, and I ended up buying 2 cd’s for my parents :-p

We then stopped by a saloon place and I got a few butters for my parents!:

Pumpkin Pecan Honey Butter

Praline Pecan Honey Butter

I tasted them both and I give them an A+!

For the rest of the day we watched a movie, then got some sun at the rooftop pool at the St. Stephen Hotel and each of us had a cocktail.  Rum and coke for Brandon and Cranberry vodka for me.  They were small cups, and it was just one so we said why not? :-p

We then got ready to go to dinner at the Towers of America and ya’ll, if you go to SA you need to eat here!  I got the spiced Ahi Tuna (medium rare) with the asian green beans and it was AMAZING!  Brandon got a mixed seafood platter with salmon, shrimp, crab cake, asparagus and mashed potatoes and he loved it!

being goofs

haha uhhh? This was one of those, "we don't want to smile but have no idea what to do" photos lol

The view from our booth was amazing!

We just hung out after dinner and relaxed and this morning just headed back!  We stopped at the San Marcos outlets to go shopping at Nike and BCBG but I had a gluten attack (apparently something I had yesterday had a small trace of gluten in it) and we had to get out of there!

This was by far one of the best weekends I’ve ever had.  Brandon has become my best friend over time and every second I can spend with him I will definitely take advantage of because when August rolls around he will be heading out to Switzerland for 9 months to go play pro basketball overseas.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

Have you ever been so busy that even just a small weekend getaway makes you feel like a million bucks?




13 responses

27 06 2011

i love that red dress!! amazing!

27 06 2011

Thanks girl!!

27 06 2011

you look stunning! Brandon is a lucky guy. So glad you got to be treated like a princess! now….about our date. hehe. WE GOTTA soon!

27 06 2011

Yes! Definitely! What do you have available for Friday? or Sunday? Those are my 2 days when I will have the most time 🙂 (if Friday it would be like mid morning)

27 06 2011

aw, yay! i’m so glad you were able to get a massage and get away for a little bit. san antonio is so fun, i miss texas and the hill country so much! (and you too, obvs) 🙂

27 06 2011

hahaha I miss you too! When we were walking around the riverwalk I kept telling brandon about our sister trip to SA, and how we got henna tattoos and told mom and dad we got real tats lol 🙂 funny thing is I have two real tattoos now and they didnt freak out at all

27 06 2011
Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

Yay for a fun weekend! It sounds like it was just what you needed.

Next time you are in San Antonio, let me know! Maybe we can meet up for tea (or vodka cranberries). 🙂

27 06 2011

Yes! Definitely! I will probably be back sometime before the end of the summer!

27 06 2011

Phew! You have been super busy! I bet this weekend away is JUST what you needed. I’ve never been to San Antonio, but it looks like fun. I love brunch/breakfast out- best meal ever!

27 06 2011

it definitely was! Those are my favorite meals too 🙂

27 06 2011
janetha @ meals & moves

Vita is amazing! And that dress is hot.

28 06 2011
Healthy Coconut

Hot dress girl! Love the color, love it!

I’ve never been to SA but I have a few friends who had to do training there for the Army and they say it’s a nice place to visit for a weekend to go explore.

28 06 2011

brandon looks SO familiar!!!!! hahaha so weird i know. but girl you’ve been bizay! and that red dress is super sexy 🙂 enjoy your time with brandon! but all the more reason to go and visit!!

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