Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies Review

17 07 2011

Happy Sunday all!

A few weeks back I got an opportunity to try the new Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies from Fiber One and General Mills through MyBlogSpark!  I was super excited but unfortunately, it turns out that I could not eat them myself (due to my celiacs disease) HOWEVER, I had my boyfriend, one of my clients as well as a 10 year old’s opinion on the bars.  Along with the bars I received a jump rope, tupperware, water bottle, traveling bag, a wrist band, and a red head band!

I was sent both the chocolate fudge and the peanut butter chocolate bars

Brandon thought the bars were great taste wise!  He had one of each flavor, and especially for a fiber bar it was very tasty as opposed to the bland taste most fiber bars have.  Brandon claims that he could eat an entire box or two, and is very similar to brownie!

The 10 year old did not like them. Tasted very chalky, grainy and left a bad aftertaste in her mouth. Out of the two favors she prefers the Chocolate Fudged Brownie over the Peanut Butter. She said that the Peanut Butter had a horrible after taste more so than the Chocolate fudge brownie.

One of my clients tasted them and did not care for the Peanut Butter one as well. She claimed that the peanut butter did not taste like peanut butter and it left a nasty taste in her mouth. However, she did like the chocolate fudge brownie and said it was a little chalky but it did not bother/ overwhelm me. She also said that next time she goes grocery shopping the chocolate fudge brownie WILL be on her list!

The smell of these brownies were wonderful, I wish I could have tried them myself, but I got 3 different opinions, and overall the feedback I got from all 3 of them is that these brownies are definitely a good healthier substitute for the everyday unhealthy brownie that we all tend to gravitate towards!

I love how these bars serve as a healthier alternative to normal brownies, and they are definitely something we all should try!  I have several of my clients eat these when they have cravings now and I have not gotten a negative review yet!

Have a wonderful week!




4 responses

17 07 2011
Lisa @ I'm an Okie

I wish I could handle fiber 1 bars, but the sugar alcohols and ALL that fiber give me major gas. TMI, I apologize.

18 07 2011

hahaha girl I totally know what you are saying, the same thing happens to me 🙂

18 07 2011

haha i love that you had a 10-year-old try them too 🙂

18 07 2011

hahaha 🙂

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