Taking A Break

25 07 2011

Hey guys!  Happy Monday!

I have not been around much commenting on Bloggies or even updating my own.  There is a lot going on:

-I only have one month left to spend with Brandon before he leaves to go play pro bball in Switzerland for 9 months

-Moving into a brand new apartment!

-Working approx. 30 hrs. a week Personal Training

-Teaching 6 Group X classes

-Taking Classes (yoga-CrossFit) with the fellow Lemons (lululemon)

-Planning for our grand opening party as well as our Grand Opening Weekend (2 separate things in Lulu world!)

-Still Playing in Beach vb tournaments (this past weekend was Houston)

-oh yeah, and being a normal 23 year old in the amazing city of Austin 🙂

I will be taking some time off to focus on getting all settled in!  Until then happy, healthy living!!!

When I come back there will be some VERY VERY exciting news!




7 responses

25 07 2011

oh fun! i want to come to a class. Yoga cross fit sounds awesome. And now go enjoy that man.

25 07 2011

Your life sounds so exciting right now! And I’m looking forward to hearing the other exciting news once you come back from all the busy things you have going on. 🙂

26 07 2011

Wow…this is my first time visiting your blog and I’m already blown away by everything you have going on! Sounds busy, but amazing! Keep rockin’ it!

26 07 2011

Ohh I wanna hear this exciting news! Looks like you’ve been busy 🙂

29 07 2011
Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel

YAY!!! Looking forward to it too!! XOXO ❤

4 08 2011

hey – I’ve been kind of MIA too, but I thought about you today and had to stop by! Congrats on all the exciting things you have going on right now. And it’s just mean to leave us hanging like that;) jk. I miss you!

8 08 2011
(what runs) Lori

You are BUSY!!!! How is teaching the group x classes???? Fun times!

I want to be in Austin sooooooooooo bad!

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